Wandering Tree ®, LLC Podcast

S2:E12 The Ups and Downs of Mary's Search

June 23, 2022 Adoptee Lisa Ann Season 2 Episode 12
Wandering Tree ®, LLC Podcast
S2:E12 The Ups and Downs of Mary's Search
Show Notes

Guest Mary shares the many ups and downs on the years of search for her birth mother, how the longing to find and meet her became a cycle associated with birthdays and holidays and how she never gave up. We listen as Mary talks about the first planned visit to the final goodbye of the woman she was destined to connect with all in the right timing. 

A little about Mary:

As a mom of four and an adoptee, Mary envisioned meeting her birth mother for as long as she can remember. Her story begins as a teen and through many unexpected hurdles and closed doors, her primal pursuit eventually grants her what she’s always been hopeful for. A meeting with her birth mother. The meeting was not what she ever imagined and the surprises that accompanied this meeting truly tested her belief of self worth. 

The lessons learned through the process of Mary’s search paved a way for self awareness and growth into adulthood but not without many questions and concerns for herself and other adoptees who may be searching and reuniting. 

Mary has spent the last several years sharing her story in the public eye by speaking to groups of people about the importance of adoption and its lifelong effects on adoptees as well as education about the benefits of open adoption and involvement of the birth mothers. 

Mary loves to  bring hope, education, and knowledge to all people involved in adoptions. She enjoys speaking to potential adoptive parents, foster parents, birth mothers and other adoptees.  Mary is working on her first book and continues to enjoy her speaking career locally and virtually across the country. Mary currently resides in the DC area.

Find Mary at:
Website - https://becauseadoption.com/
IG - https://www.instagram.com/becauseadoption/