Wandering Tree ®, LLC Podcast

S2:E15 Connecting to the Adoptee Community with Jennifer D Ghoston

August 11, 2022 Adoptee Lisa Ann
Wandering Tree ®, LLC Podcast
S2:E15 Connecting to the Adoptee Community with Jennifer D Ghoston
Show Notes

Connecting to the adoptee community can be very helpful to the adoptee in search and reunion. Several months ago, Host Lisa Ann sat down with Author and Podcaster Jennifer Dyan Ghoston to discuss the benefits of connection adoptee-to-adoptee. Their lived experiences spawned a creative shared episode, where they listed out a few of their favorite resources. 

If you are not familiar with Jennifer, she has been connected to the adoptee community for over a decade and is interested in hearing the personal stories of adoptees from all over the globe. The Truth So Far… is her memoir capturing an open, honest and public adoption experience. To further give into the community, Jennifer hosts the podcast Once Upon A Time...In Adopteeland. 

Both Jennifer and Lisa Ann hope you enjoy the spirit of community and creativity in this week's episode. 

Want to connect with Jennifer:
IG:  @onceuponatimeinadopteeland 
Twitter: @Jenniferghoston and
FB: Jennifer Dyan Ghoston



  • The Adoption Files - Ande Stanley
  • Who Am I Really - Damon Davis
  • Adoptees On and Adoptees Off Script - Haley Radkey
  • Pulled By By the Root - Heidi Marble
  • Once Upon A Time...In Adopteeland - Jennifer Dyan Ghoston 
  • Adopted Feels - Hana and Ryan
  • Adoption: The Making of Me - Louise Browne and Sarah Reinhardt 
  • This Adoptee Life - Amanda Medina
  • Black to the Beginning (podcast) hosted by Dr. Samantha Coleman and Sandria Washington


  • The Gathering Place - Emma Stevens
  • The Lies that Bind - Laureen Pitman
  • Tree of Strangers - Barbara Sumner 
  • Searching for Mom: A Memoir - Sara Easterly
  • The Truth So Far...: a detective's journey to reunite with her birth family - Jennifer Dyane Ghoston 
  • Betty Jean Lifton (author) “Twice Born”
  • Jean Strauss (author) “Beneath a tall tree” and “Birthright”
  • Nancy Verrier (author) “Coming Home To Self”
  • Ann Fessler (author) “The Girls Who Went Away”
  • Julian Washio Collette (Blog) Peregrine Adoptee: Wandering Reflections of a Life in Fragments


  • Adoption Mosaic
  • Fireside Adoptees (Private and Public Groups)
  • Adoptees Connect - state chapters / groups
  • Adoptee Voices Writing Group founded by Sara Easterly
  • (Co-facilitators; Ridghaus, Alice Stephens, Kate Murphy and Jennifer Dyan Ghoston) www.adoptee-voices.com


  • Adopteereading.com
  • Bookshop.org/shop/reunionlandpress.