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38. Overcoming Obstacles with Donnetta Wilhelm

February 27, 2023 Donnetta Wilhelm Season 2 Episode 38
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
38. Overcoming Obstacles with Donnetta Wilhelm
Show Notes

While writing her first book, Keeping Up with God, Donnetta overcame extreme obstacles, including the death of her dad & husband in a 6 month period. 

She also received "miracle upon miracle" during the process of finishing the book about Connie Zimmerman, who started Colorado Homeless Families.
“Writing Connie’s story helped my faith grow.”

“What I thought was a detour actually wound up being part of the path.”
Waiting, waiting, waiting - it took 4 years to write the book. 📖 
“So much of what He wants us to do is 90% preparation. And then He opens the gate, and we get to run - we get to run this race.”

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