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41. Crystal Kupper gets Real about Adoption

March 27, 2023 Crystal Kupper Season 2 Episode 41
Ordinary People Extraordinary Things
41. Crystal Kupper gets Real about Adoption
Show Notes

Crystal gets real, very real, about the ⬆️highs & lows⬇️ of adoption.

Crystal & Nick have 3 biological children and 1 adopted daughter, Guyana, who was born with spina bifida (& a few other medical challenges) that require full-time medical care. 

This episode is packed, so buckle up!     Here’s a few things you’ll hear…
💭“I knew from the moment I saw her photo that I knew,  that I knew, that I knew, that I knew. I knew she was meant to be our daughter.”
💭”There’s a lot of heartbreak. Guyana rejected us when she first met us. It was a spiritual battle.”
💭”It is hard, and you will regret adopting multiple times.”
💭”There are definite challenges, but again I would do it a thousand times over. I’m absolutely 100% open to adopting again.”
💭”Anything worth doing is going to be incredibly difficult.”
💭“People call us saints on a regular basis, which we are so far not, but I think the reason they do that is they can easily dismiss the idea of adoption for themselves.”
💭“The love is all encompassing. When you make a choice to love a child that you did not give birth to, you are reflecting the love of the father who has chosen to love you with His everything.

👩‍💻Here’s some of the links Crystal spoke about:

Reece's Rainbow – Special Needs Adoption Support (reecesrainbow.org)

Nick Kupper, American Ninja Warrior, Season X - YouTube

From Armenia to America - Daily Citizen (focusonthefamily.com)

Please Don’t Call Me A ‘Saint’ For Adopting A Child With Disabilities (scarymommy.com)

Creswell’s Kids – Ruralite Magazine

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