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10 Steps to Finding Your Dream Career with Debra Cooper Pt. 1

April 08, 2022 Take Stock in College Season 1 Episode 24
The College Corner Podcast
10 Steps to Finding Your Dream Career with Debra Cooper Pt. 1
Show Notes

Hey, Take Stock in College scholars! We have a new series on The College Corner Podcast on 10 Steps to Finding Your Dream Career! You don’t want to miss Part 1 of this conversation with career expert, Debra Cooper of Your Career Design Lab!

About our guest, Debra Cooper:

Debra Cooper is the founder of
YourCareerDesignLab, a premier career coaching firm specializing in architect, designing, and curating each individual's career goals. We help you to craft, tell and sell your individual story, teach you how to articulate your story, develop career strategies and build networking opportunities towalk through the career minefields and into your dream career. Debra's mission is to lead young professionals on a journey of self-discovery of who they are and how to put their passions into a paycheck.

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