Being UnNormal

S5E2 - Being Young In Today's World

October 10, 2019 Season 5 Episode 2
Being UnNormal
S5E2 - Being Young In Today's World
Being UnNormal
S5E2 - Being Young In Today's World
Oct 10, 2019 Season 5 Episode 2
Kimberly Berry, Dr. Alfiee M. Breland-Noble
Show Notes

In this episode we welcome Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble who talks to us about youth mental health, and specifically mental health and children of color. Dr. Alfiee is a premiere researcher and an expert in teen, young adult and family mental health issues. We chat about mental health and racial diversity, research in youth mental health, what is different for today's youth, how social media have impacted our children, and struggles today's youth are facing that are different than previous generations. 

Dr. Alfiee is a sought-after media personality, researcher and consultant. She appears on and collaborates with major television networks (e.g. NBC, PBS, Fox Sports and A & E, Lifetime Television and Lucky 8 Productions); established print media (e.g. the Chronicle of Higher Education, Tonic, Black Enterprise and Ebony Magazine) and podcasts. She also consults with Fortune 100 companies (e.g. Morgan Stanley, Cigna), prestigious education and research organizations (e.g. NCAA, the Big East Conference, SAMHSA), non-profits (e.g. A Better Chance, Management Leadership for Tomorrow); independent K-12 schools and districts, colleges and universities and mental health non-profits (e.g. the Steve Fund where she is tasked with leading the organization’s scientific focus as Senior Scientific Advisor).   

With a primary focus on teens, college students, families and communities of color, she is recognized for her remarkable ability to motivate and inspire by translating complex scientific concepts (developed via her 20+ years of research leadership in R1 institutions) into everyday language.  Dr. Alfiee was trained at Howard University, New York University, the University of Wisconsin, Madison and the Duke University School of Medicine 

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