The Gale Hill Radio Hour

Ep 5 - Beautiful Art: Photography & Life's Ephemera

November 21, 2021 Kate Jones
The Gale Hill Radio Hour
Ep 5 - Beautiful Art: Photography & Life's Ephemera
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In the first segment of this episode of The Gale Hill Radio Hour, Kate interviews photographer Inga Smith, who was 8 years old when she and her family walked out the door of their home in Augsburg, Germany, and boarded a train in the dark of night. They would end up in America, but Inga didn't know that at the time. Nor did she know, until much later, how fortunate her family was to get out of Germany when they did.  They left in December 1939. Her father was Jewish.

Now 89 and happily settled in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, Inga tells captivating stories — about coming to America and her travels back to Germany as an adult, and through her photography, which became a huge part of her life starting at age 10. She has been to every European country, to Russia twice, China, Tibet, every Caribbean island and all 50 states, and of course she chronicles her travels with her camera.

You can see a sampling of Inga's photos in the fall 2021 issue of the online magazine Reveries & Relevance.

The second segment, which begins at 36 minutes, 45 seconds, stays on the theme of artful living. Kate interviews artist Theresa Wells Stifel, proprietor of Stifel & Capra, an online shop that sells art and vintage accessories, jewelry and home items. The name of the business is a nod to It's a Wonderful Life director Frank Capra. Theresa's tagline is "art & ornament for  your wonderful life," which speaks to her twofold mission: to assist other artists in selling their beautiful work and to help her customers lead wonderful lives by selling them delightful things. 

Theresa also loves creating custom pieces with items that hold meaning for her customers. She can be reached via her website.

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Artful Living with Inga Smith
Artful Living with Theresa Wells Stifel