The Gale Hill Radio Hour

Ep 8 - Posterity Podcasts & a Passion for Public Service

December 14, 2021 Kate Jones
The Gale Hill Radio Hour
Ep 8 - Posterity Podcasts & a Passion for Public Service
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Christina Forward, co-owner and Director of Operations at the recording studio PodPopuli, talks about Posterity Podcasts which, she explains, are basically audio books for seniors or others who want to create lasting gifts of stories, messages and life lessons to pass on to friends and family members.

Christina, who has a bachelor of science in accounting and most recently worked in investment banking, left the business world to go into podcasting. She loves her job and is especially passionate about the posterity project that she leads.  You'll learn why it means so much to her and more in this episode. 

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Closing out this episode, Kate interviews Nicole Kowalski, whose parents set a great example for her and her six siblings. Even with a large family, Nicole's parents made time to help others, whether it was her mom singing at funerals with the volunteer choir at their church, or her dad stepping up to help people move.

Nicole learned early on that it's important to be of service, and that has motivated her to make a positive impact on her community by doing such things as volunteering, teaching and becoming an elected official on her local City Council. 

Learn more in this segment, including the traits that Nicole considers to be essential for good leaders. Nicole's interview begins at 34 minutes, 18 seconds.

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A Passion for Public Service