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Ep 11 - The Pleasures of Little Books & Feeling Grateful

January 31, 2022 Kate Jones
The Gale Hill Radio Hour
Ep 11 - The Pleasures of Little Books & Feeling Grateful
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Kicking off this episode, Kate Jones interviews bookstore owner Kate Schlademan, who's also a city councilwoman and, during the summer, an avid golfer.

The main topic of conversation is their shared fondness for beautifully written and well-designed small books, although they also discuss influential books, including Run for Something, which proved helpful to Schlademan as a first-timer to politics.

The beautiful little books mentioned in this interview include Maurice Sendak's Nutshell Library, an enchanting collection of four pocket-sized versions of classic children's books by the Caldecott Medal winner.

For food lovers, there are two delightfully written and illustrated cheese books: The New Rules of Cheese: A Freewheeling & Informative Guide by Anne Saxelby and Cheese, Illustrated, written by Rory Stamp and illustrated by Holly Exley.

Schlademan owns The Learned Owl in Hudson, Ohio. Her store presents in-person book signings outdoors in the summer, and she also recommends the Hudson Library's excellent virtual author events

In the second segment, Jones talks about Gratitude,  a lovely and moving little book of essays that  renowned British neurologist Oliver Sacks wrote during the last two years of his life. Jones follows up on the theme of gratitude in the closing segment.

One last note: 
In the first segment, Jones mentioned that she recently interviewed a guest who meditates every day with her husband. The guest's name is Susan Terkel, who is featured in the second segment of "Ep 10 - The Fine Arts of Collage & Making Connections."

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What makes a great little book?