Crystals for Spirituality and Wellbeing

Crystals: To Communicate with Light-beings 4

February 07, 2022 Jackie Winters British Academy of Crystal Healing Season 1 Episode 4
Crystals for Spirituality and Wellbeing
Crystals: To Communicate with Light-beings 4
Show Notes

In this episode I share with you my personal experience of communicating with a light-being during a healing session with crystals .

  I have to admit that I was a little sceptical as to whether I should share my truth with the world because the experience was definitely outside the realms of "normality",  but I decided that by sharing it with you guys it may help in some way.. maybe open your mind,  help you find comfort or even experiment communicating with beings of light yourself.

 So here it is... my extra ordinary experience with a stranger that I hope you will find interesting.

I also mention crystals to use to aid raising your vibration to meet the purity of consciousness that will help you access their vibratory frequency and communicate via knowings or whatever way is  unique to you.
I find that when speaking with the Beings of Light,  thoughts surface that were outside of my usual mindset and this is how I know that I have aligned with their vibration.
I offer advice on which crystals will bring your awareness back down to Earth after you have entered the finer purer vibrations.:

Boji Stones are a very heavy grounding vibration and come in pairs a male and female aspect…. Quite balancing and can hold space in the material world very well. 

Black Tourmaline…. Very heavy vibration that will rid any obsessive thoughts or deep fears that may come up after accessing high vibrations

Hematite, heavy vibration that will bring your awareness into the physical realm.. the red ray and earth you

Smoky quartz, not as heavy but will create a protective energy field that will curb fears and help you live your life…I use smoky quartz regular when going skiing and the only time I had an accident I had forgotten to put the crystal on !!

Petrified wood  will aid eliminating old thought patterns that may resurface

Amber will aid present moment awareness and eliminate doubt, insecurity and create a sunny outlook ..

 I hope that you enjoy the podcast and would love to hear from  you .... or see you on one of our courses.

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Have a wonderful day and  Thank you so much for joining me...

Much Love Jackie :)