Crystals for Spirituality and Wellbeing

Understanding the Light Spectrum: Energy Medicine (5)

February 14, 2022 Jackie Winters British Academy of Crystal Healing Season 1 Episode 5
Crystals for Spirituality and Wellbeing
Understanding the Light Spectrum: Energy Medicine (5)
Show Notes

In my opinion we are evolving to integrate wisdom from the light.

As a species we have already managed to integrate the  4 elements, we entered this world through the waters in the womb, then gasped in the air, eat food from the Earth  and feel passion or fire in our hearts.

The next step in evolution, I believe, is to comprehend the Light Spectrum and grow mentally to  perceive life from a higher, clearer view point. 

In this podcast I share with you information on the light spectrum and the effects it has on the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

 I speak about the chakra system and begin introducing Energy Medicine and how crystals can aid finding balance. Many do not realise that the rainbow of light has a duality to it and that each colour has a complimentary colour to harmonise any imbalances within each chakra.

 For instance, did you ever think to put an orange crystal on the chest for breathing problems?  I offer an explanation on how to recognise excess energy and an energy deficiency within the chakra system  and how to rectify. 

 I also speak of the land and how we are all conduits for the energetic vibrations that are being emitted,  a collective consciousness and the unique individuality of each  country.

Have you ever felt "more at home" in one country than another, resonated better with some Nationalities than others ? This may help you understand why.

Thank you so much for joining me again and I hope you enjoy listening.

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Travel in love beautiful souls 
Jackie :) xx