Crystals for Spirituality and Wellbeing

Crystals, Light Codings and Sacred Geometry (2)

January 24, 2022 Jackie Winters Season 1 Episode 2
Crystals for Spirituality and Wellbeing
Crystals, Light Codings and Sacred Geometry (2)
Show Notes

In this podcast I share information about Sacred Geometry and Light Codes. I explain how to identify and use a Teacher Quartz Crystal, the crystal I have used to unearth some of this information.

Nature has a wonderful way of speaking to us and letting us know what and how something can benefit us. The shapes that naturally form on quartz crystals are silent messages that Shamans understood... and having worked with the crystals in this manner I can assure you that they do in fact each have their own uniqueness. 

Quartz Teacher Crystals can help those who teach, those who  have leadership qualities or are those looking to connect to the teacher within. Shapes and growth patterns can be witnessed on other crystals too, besides quartz, but only quartz has access to the full spectrum of light and thereby termed "sacred". 

Each ray of light within the spectrum hosts a level of awareness and affects our psyche. When meditating with quartz you gain access to the full spectrum and not just a ray.. ie.. when meditating with Amethyst you only access the purple ray and thereby only receive the mind consciousness that is linked to the purple ray...  Think of quartz as being like a library that offers access to every thought, word or deed that has ever been or can be on the planet... Quite a thought isn't it!!! The manifest version of this is akin to the internet, however quartz will only reveal truths !!

Light Coding comes from the rays of light being emitted from the local sun and the level of consciousness/codings that can be received by us is down to the velocity or strength of the light being emitted. The Great central sun is now enhancing the light that is coming from our local sun and thereby awakening many of us to a cleaner, purer level of thinking and being. 

 I explain the process and much more in the podcast.

I truly hope that I have been able to express my channellings clearly for you and that some of you may resonate with what I am saying.. Maybe it will open your mind to consider what I am saying or maybe you already know deep down inside that there really is more going on that what we perceive...

Thank you for listening and I hope that you enjoy it...

I am truly blessed to be awakening on this beautiful planet with you all... expanding my awareness and mind, opening my heart and becoming more at home within my being...

Travel well spiritual warriors xxxx