Crystals for Spirituality and Wellbeing

Crystals, Evolution and a Master Race of Humans (3)

January 31, 2022 Jackie Winters British Academy of Crystal Healing Season 1 Episode 3
Crystals for Spirituality and Wellbeing
Crystals, Evolution and a Master Race of Humans (3)
Show Notes

This week I share channellings on how to live in an evolved state of consciousness and how crystals can help you maintain the vibration. 

Evolution, of perception and reality and how the light rays, emitted from crystals, can help us sustain a cleaner, purer level of awareness to attract a more harmonious, balanced, happy state of being.  

"Get out of your mind" was one of the most important pieces of information I received whilst channelling in the Andalusian Mountains. We all create stories in our head that affect our wellbeing. Consciously and unconsciously we connect to these "stories" and through the holographic Universe we live out these levels of reality.

My "story" in the mountain, whilst channelling, was of a shepherd who told me he had found a lamb and was taking it back to care for it ... This "story" created a warm feeling within me of love and harmony. However, later in the day I learned from another person that the shepherd had stolen the lamb and was taking it home for his dinner !! This "story" created an unwelcome feeling within me. 

Both experiences of reality were determined by thought processes that dictated my feelings. The Crystal told me to get out of the "story" and witness the event as it was .. a man walking a lamb through the mountains.. no attachment to the story, no opinion just witnessing and holding inner harmony. By doing this you hold a space of Peace not only for yourself but for all life forms that inhabit your surroundings.

I questioned if this made me a bad person.. maybe I could have saved the lamb.... the crystal said.. " you still to this day do not know which "story" was the truth ... you can and only ever will know your truth, your experience, don't let an illusion determine your reality. Let go of the "stories", they create disharmony or euphoria, both vibrations take you away from Peace, wellness and Nature"

I also discuss the light spectrum and how the colour rays compliment each other. The vibrant hot ray of red is balanced by the soothing green... what it means and how you can better understand energy medicine.

I offer suggestion of crystals to help remove confusion regarding your path of destiny, Charoite, Tanzanite and crystals to help relieve the mindset of lack.... Jade for time... citrine for money... Prehnite for finances and Cavansite to help you determine your truth.

I hope that you enjoy listening and that you determine your reality through resonance and complete awareness in the NOW.

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