WIN: Championship Traits For Life - Rick Nash
WIN: Championship Traits For Life
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WIN: Championship Traits For Life
WIN: Championship Traits For Life - Rick Nash
Dec 07, 2021 Season 1 Episode 16
Hosted by Lee Elias and J.B. Spisso

Rick Nash, is a 15 year NHL veteran, former Captain, 5-time All-Star, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and current Director of Player Development for the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

This week on WIN, he shares his philosophies of leadership as a teammate, captain, coach, and member of his organization while also telling us some incredible stories of his time in the game. 
Rick discusses who and what he thinks about when reflecting on the honor of having his number retired by the Blue Jackets: 1:31

Rick talks about his current role as director of player development with the Blue Jackets: 3:47

Rick shares the challenges he faced as the face of the Blue Jackets when he was drafted: 10:15

Rick tells the importance of continuing to learn and grow as a leader while leading: 13:01

Rick shares how he would approach a coach with an uncomfortable situation, as a young captain: 21:11

Rick discusses culture and how important it is for the success of a team: 24:54

Rick talks about understanding roles and how important it is to the culture of the team: 36:37

Rick gives young coaches advice on leadership based on his career as a coach and under multiple coaching styles: 41:11

Rick defines mental fitness and shares how he trains his: 47:28