WIN: Championship Traits For Life - Coach Boris Sapone
WIN: Championship Traits For Life
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WIN: Championship Traits For Life
WIN: Championship Traits For Life - Coach Boris Sapone
Jan 18, 2022 Season 1 Episode 22
Hosted by Lee Elias and J.B. Spisso

Whats your why? Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you coach or play sports? Why do you go to school or work?

Our guest today, Coach Boris Sapone, will show you the power of having an answer to that question.

  • Boris takes us through his journey to personal training and owning his business - 2:15
  • Boris shares his vision in designing his business and how he strives to be different from the typical CrossFit box -  11:04
  • Boris talks about getting younger athletes into fitness - 17:56
  • Boris shares the best approach when talking to someone about making fitness more of a priority in their life -  20:59
  • Boris discusses the mental fitness piece of physical fitness and how important it is in his business - 27:47
  • Boris shares words of wisdom for young coaches - 34:40
  • Boris discusses adversity and his tactics for overcoming adversity in his life -  36:42
  • Boris shares his thoughts on maintaining a positive mindset - 45:00
  • Boris gives his perspective on the opportunities available in American in contrast to other countries -  49:31