WIN: Championship Traits For Life - Sam Ball
WIN: Championship Traits For Life
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WIN: Championship Traits For Life
WIN: Championship Traits For Life - Sam Ball
Feb 01, 2022 Season 1 Episode 24
Hosted by Lee Elias and J.B. Spisso

As athletes and coaches, we can often get lost focusing on our own path, our own goals, and our own struggles. In reality, no matter what your personality, past or purpose, none of us can succeed on our own. Our guest this week, Sam Ball, will serve as both an anchor and example of someone who lived at both sides of the success spectrum while crafting himself into the tremendous servant leader he is today. 

After many years of struggling with addiction and trying to get sober with little

Success,  Sam Ball realized in order to stay sober and grow he had to build a community and look at the whole picture of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. And that’s just what he did.

Sam currently coaches at Warrior Strength, a non-profit gym built around support and community. He is a Strongfirst Certified Kettlebell and Barbell instructor as well as a certified Peer Support Specialist. He is also a nutrition coach though he prefers to use his knowledge to help his peers rather than take on clients. 

Sam is also the Program Manager and Recovery coach at Flourish Bakery, a non-profit that helps people coming out of treatment or incarceration to rebuild their lives by teaching them to bake, introducing them to resources, teaching them life skills such as finance and nutrition, but most importantly helping them to build a community. 

In addition to everything we said above, Sam is also a traditional archer, scuba diver, chef, dog lover, and powerlifter.

Sam is a man of integrity and compassion. He holds space for people to be exactly where they are at and will love and support them through the process. 

You can find Sam’s work at and

Sam walks us through his journey - 2:16

Sam shares the moment that changed his life - 4:39

Sam defines mental fitness - 9:11

Sam discusses his decision to go into servant leadership - 12:42

Sam shares his internal breakthrough and what it felt like - 14:28

Sam talks about fitness and body building and its importance to him - 16:40 

Sam discusses the need for community - 23:02

Sam talks about gaining the trust of those he works with - 29:51

Sam shares advice for someone who is struggling - 31:59

Sam reflects on his journey - 33:17