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Episode 9 - College Football Eve
August 31, 2018 T-Coch and Da Hock
All Over announces they have a sponsor for the month of September! Except they forgot about their sponsor and never mentioned their name. All that means is more koozies for the listeners. (Promise to really promote the sponsor next week). Hard knocks update, insider trading explained to The Hock, Beer Hotels, and College Football Eve is here. Hock stock is at an all time low (31% winning percentage with another 1-3 week.) Discount Double Check gets piad. We review a movie. Spoiler alert it kinda sucks. Also, The Equalizer > Liam Neeson Taken > Ethan Hunt> 007 > Jason Bourne > John Wick. And The Hock breaks his mic stand half way through the episode.
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