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Episode 13 - The Feud
September 28, 2018 T-Coch and Da Hock
It only took lucky number 13, but T-Coch and The Hock have a falling out. The feud gets explained and escalated. Tiger was back, and then not so much this morning in the first round of the Ryder Cup. EA Sports NCAA Football is overrated, Aaron Rodgers is to blame for roughing the passer calls, Matt Patricia is the next Billy Bel, we listen to Patrick Mahomes talk and Kawhi Leonard laugh. Jimmy Butler is a fool. The Hock finds out what Clemson's new QB looks like and T-Coch offers his services to get Kelly Bryant to WINsconsin. Batman update, sideline celebrity and we introduce a new segment: Hocked Off Guard. You have to go to @dahockahrens for this week's Hock Stock due to his punishment for being a baby.
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