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Episode 15 - Talk Faster Talk Louder
October 11, 2018 T-Coch and Da Hock

Very fast moving Pod today. A real weekly cleanup, UFC 229 recap, and MLB Playoffs Championship round preview...kind of. Sideline Celebrity (The YOU and THE Ohio State). T-Coch is doing a bad job as WINsconin's agent for Bryant Kelly and The Hock is 0 for forever in bets against T-Coch since the inception of All Over. The guys million dollar idea might be real and there's a pretty crazy story about an FBI informant that will be turned into a movie. Batman update, Hocks Stock (24-37) and Poll results from Yankeys Red Socks. Check out @AllOverPod on Twitter for video of the guys subscribing every device at the mall to All Over Pod on the Podcast App too...

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