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Quantum Business Insights with Olivia Parr-Rud: The Power of Strategy Innovation
Episode Artwork Quantum Business Insights with Olivia Parr-Rud: The Power of Strategy Innovation 50:36 Episode Artwork John Davison: Cultivating Cultural Intelligence 26:05 Episode Artwork The Next Cold War: China vs. Your Bottom Line 29:38 Episode Artwork Reaping the Rewards: How Emirates Creates Winning Customer Experience 13:22 Episode Artwork Bonduelle Fresh Americas' ESG Advantage with SVP Gretchen Grani 12:42 Episode Artwork Owning the Game: Inside Butler/Till’s Radically Successful Agency Model 20:54 Episode Artwork Reinventing the Wheel: Alexis Garcin, CEO & President, Michelin North America 24:02 Episode Artwork PepsiCo's Packaging Revolution With R&D SVP Denise Lefebvre 22:36 Episode Artwork Director's Cut: Irene Chang Britt's Governance Masterclass 33:44 Episode Artwork Supercharged Results: Jean-Paul Michel, EVP, FORVIA Interiors 34:33 Episode Artwork An Rx for Maximum Strength Diversity: Dr. Mary Jo Cagle and Michelle Adamolekun, Cone Health 37:47 Episode Artwork Designing An Innovation Management That Works: Julia Pence, GSK 27:34 Episode Artwork Kurt Nielsen, Ph.D: Your Teams Are As Unique as Their Fingerprints 24:24 Episode Artwork Neil Archer, GM at Bristol Myers Squibb, on Leading Through Drastic Changes 12:53 Episode Artwork Perfecting Her Own Paradigm: Michelle Keefe, CEO, Syneos Health 26:57 Episode Artwork Crisis Has No Playbook: Bill Pappas, MetLife EVP and Head of Global Technology & Operations 33:14 Episode Artwork Leveraging Data-Driven Workforce Intelligence with Sam Hocking, President, and Co-Founder of Vertis 16:07 Episode Artwork Transforming Your Future with North Star Planning 13:21 Episode Artwork Consistent Feedback is Key to Organizational Success 11:04 Episode Artwork Leading A Diverse Team in VUCA Environments, with Pfizer Global Influenza Lead, Oualae Alami 11:51 Episode Artwork An Innovative Approach to Inclusive Hiring, with Katie Lopez, Chief Human Resources Officer at Bonduelle Fresh Americas 9:18 Episode Artwork Starting Fresh with A Powerful Context, featuring Colleen Flesher, Chief Operating Officer at Movora 16:16 Episode Artwork Impact-Based Coaching that Provides Sustainable Results 13:30 Episode Artwork The Relevance of Creativity at Work, Part 2: Wonder and Rigor with Dr. Natalie Nixon 23:07 Episode Artwork Unleashing Creativity in the Workplace Part I; with Creativity Strategist Dr. Natalie Nixon 19:52