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Episode 14: Prenatal Tips to Avoid Formula Dependence

June 07, 2022 Naiomi S. Catron RNC-OB, IBCLC Season 1 Episode 14
Birth, Babies & Boob Business by Milk Diva
Episode 14: Prenatal Tips to Avoid Formula Dependence
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As if having a baby during a pandemic isn’t stressful enough, throw in a nationwide formula recall followed by a NATION-WIDE FORMULA shortage!!!

Those of you who know any of the Lactation Consultants at Milk Diva, you already know that we support families who use formula and we even have special training to help parents choose the best formula for their babies.  So, the good news is we can help select a great formula substitute if yours is out of stock.

HOWEVER….we would much rather share some insider tips to prevent you from having to depend on formula.  Think about how many times over the past few years we have had:

  • Boil Notice
    • Washing bottles becomes real fun 
  • No Water 
  • No Electricity (tornado/snowpocalypse) 
    • Can’t boil water
    • Can’t use a breast pump
  • Shelter in place (COVID & two freezes)

Episode 14 is filled with insider tips from me (a Labor & Delivery Nurse & IBCLC), to help you, your friends, and/or clients prepare for optimal breastfeeding success and prevent VERY VERY VERY COMMON pitfalls that occur during the early days after birth.

So get ready to take notes and save money on formula!  This content is best suited for someone who is still pregnant or just had a baby…. So spread the word!

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