The Leader Learner Podcast

S01E06 The Transform To Perform Tomorrow Episode (with Suzanne Lee)

April 04, 2022 Theresa Destrebecq & Vincent Musolino Season 1 Episode 6
The Leader Learner Podcast
S01E06 The Transform To Perform Tomorrow Episode (with Suzanne Lee)
Show Notes

With Guest Suzanne Lee from Straumann Group

Big Ideas:

  • Intimate relationship between leadership and learning
  • Leadership is an invitation to tomorrow that is better than today
  • Perform for today, transform for tomorrow - learning and listening is at the core
  • Learn faster than the environment is changing
  • The I, the We and the It -- learning must happen on those 3 dimensions or you leave others behind
  • Learning is a mindset, not a tool, process, or life hack
  • Change is speeding up, so must learn faster than the change so we don't get swallowed up
  • Taking responsibility for our workloads
  • Learning as a value, so I make it happen no matter what is on my plate
  • What am I okay with not doing perfectly
  • Don't bother with time management hacks, be okay with not getting things done
  • Intentionality of own growth, team growth, and individuals on teams growth
  • How to reconcile performance with learning and what's on our plate
  • Even within a system that won't help you keep your boundaries, if you have a discipline of reflection and perspective-taking, you can focus more on transform
  • Create the space and time to reflect and learn
  • Reject victim stance
  • If not intentional, life takes over
  • Learning on the job, not in the job
  • Learning will get pushed to the bottom if it is an additional task
  • If learning is a business priority to do your current job better, it's not a separate task
  • Integrating the learning and reflection into the work as you do it
  • Learning not as an additional to-do that no one has time for
  • Challenge transforming from doing to learning -- great at perform, not so much at transform
  • Building in micro-moments of reflection
  • 70% of a learning organization is about the culture and leadership, not the tools
  • Unless it is seen around them, they won't do it on their own
  • Immediacy bias -- focus on today, not the future
  • Persist in the struggle because it shows you are onto something - trust the process
  • Debate the topic not the person
  • How move from hub and spoke model, to a community of practice where we are all accountable 
  • Leading more from behind than right out on front
  • Curiosity and coaching mindset rather than advice giving
  • Bounce your worlds with others
  • Shared accountability


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