The Leader Learner Podcast

S01E10 The Hero On The Balcony Episode

June 06, 2022 Theresa Destrebecq & Vincent Musolino Season 1 Episode 10
The Leader Learner Podcast
S01E10 The Hero On The Balcony Episode
Show Notes

Check-In Question:

  • What do you think people regret the most when they look back on their life? 

Big Ideas:

  • Different stages of life: the call, the messy middle, the resolution
  • Life being one long journey, with lots of small hero's journeys throughout
  • Stage 1: Ordinary World; Stage 2: The Call to Adventure; Stage 3: Refusal of the Call; Stage 4: Meeting with a Mentor; Stage 5: Crossing the 1st Threshold; Stage 6: The Adventure (enemies, shadows, etc); Stage 7: The Elixir
  • Saying no in my mind, and not feeling like I had a choice.
  • When our ego says that we don't have a choice
  • When our mentors muddle the waters by giving us another perspective, which doesn't align with our values or intuition
  • Who is the 'right' person to ask? 
  • Going to the outside for advice because we don't trust ourselves
  • Having a challenge network (band of pirates) to rattle us and keep us integrity
  • Use criticism as a way to reinforce our values
  • Can you refuse a call and be the same afterwards?
  • Choices aren't always crossroads, but exits on a highway.
  • Archetypes: The Hero, the Mentor, The Threshold Guardian, The Herald, The Shape-Shifter, The Shadow, The Ally, The Trickster -- all at the service of the hero. 
  • The journey is the hero's search for identity and wholeness
  • We can't always see the arc of our own hero's stories
  • Our blinders can prevent us from seeing the truth of our life
  • Importance of getting perspective to see the stories we are in
  • Look at your life as a story 
  • Sometimes we don't see when we need to go to the balcony to get perspective
  • Is the shero/heroine journey different from the hero journey?

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