The Leader Learner Podcast

S02E06 The Simplify Episode

November 21, 2022 Theresa Destrebecq & Vincent Musolino Season 2 Episode 6
The Leader Learner Podcast
S02E06 The Simplify Episode
Show Notes


  • If you could take a week-long vacation anywhere in the world by yourself, where would you go?


  • Essentialism isn't minimalism
  • Being intentional about how we spend our time
  • How do we decide what we take on and what we don't?
  • Useful time - how to determine what is useful or not?
  • Useful doesn't always mean fun
  • What's the difference between being useful and essential? 
  • 3 minimal criteria for saying yes to things, and 3 ideal criteria to saying yes
  • Essential intent aligned with purpose, big why, just cause
  • If we are saying no the minimum, are we taking away time to do something ideal?
  • Different activities can work in concert with one another toward your essential intent
  • How often we say yes to be nice or to be liked? How respectful is that to ourselves or others? 
  • The essential intent is the priority
  • We get pulled into the idea that everything is a priority
  • We take on other people's urgencies that aren't ours
  • Taking on people's problems isn't helping, it's enabling
  • Taking on other's work is also about control
  • Consultants come in to solve a company's problem
  • Training, Coaching, Consulting are not the same
  • Separate the decision from the relationship
  • Say no to the problem, not the person
  • Don't say "NO", say "Yes, and...", "Yes, however...", or "Yes, no"
  • What gets in the way of people saying "no"? Fear, People Pleasing
  • The 5 drivers of behavior -- be strong, be perfect, be quick, please others, and try hard
  • No limit to the relationship, but a limit to the request you can ask of me
  • Choices being actions versus things
  • Is free will a thing? Are we fully determined? 
  • If there's no free will, there's no responsibility
  • We don't make choices, we just act 
  • Creating an ensemble of activities that align in one direction
  • We don't have to make things as complicated as we do
  • DESA - Design, Eliminate, Simplify, Automate
  • Doing less and still providing the same value
  • "Reverse Pilot" - take away something you are doing and see what happens


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