The Leader Learner Podcast

S02E10 The Intentionally Human In Virtual Spaces Episode (with Gwen Wilkie)

January 23, 2023 Theresa Destrebecq & Vincent Musolino Season 2 Episode 10
The Leader Learner Podcast
S02E10 The Intentionally Human In Virtual Spaces Episode (with Gwen Wilkie)
Show Notes

with Guest, Gwen Stirling-Wilke
Dialogic OD Consultant

Check-In Question

  • One powerful moment in a virtual space

Big Ideas:

  • The Check-in Question
    • Check in questions brings about shifts in the relational space and creates
    • Liminal space can help people transition from one space to another. 
    • It's a punctuation and allows for recalibration
    • Questions can be adapted to the time, the people, etc.
    • Prepares people to the relationship part of the work
    • Creates the relational glue around people
  • Transition from in-person to online was both exciting and terrifying. Created a lot of new learning opportunities
  • Design had to shift from in-person to online
  • Bonuses to working online
  • Sessions online must be shorter to accommodate fatigue
  • Shared meaning making happens together, but stretch the learning before and afterward
  • Preparation is part of the intervention
  • Be careful about your intentions
  • Expectations shifted at the beginning of pandemic to possibility
  • How do we configure people - face to face, hybrid, online.  When is which the best answer?
  • How to create an inclusive space when hybrid
  • Asymmetry when some are in-person and others are online
  • Designing an event for the bigger purpose and desired outcomes
  • Trust within a team determines how to hold the space 
  • Creating the conditions online that would otherwise organically develop face to face
  • Harmony between the connection time and the content time
  • How can quickly can I get people from sitting and receiving to participating? 
  • Using "waiting rooms" to warm people up with a soft question
  • Get people involved right away
  • Individual time to think about something before connecting with others


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