The Leader Learner Podcast

S02E08 The Beyond Culture Episode

December 20, 2022 Theresa Destrebecq & Vincent Musolino Season 2 Episode 8
The Leader Learner Podcast
S02E08 The Beyond Culture Episode
Show Notes

Check-In Question:

  • Are you the kind of person to make the first step in love? Tell us all about it.

Big Ideas:

  • 8 different dimensions of culture that show up in work:
    • Communication (low context or high context)
    • Evaluating (indirect negative or direct)
    • Persuading (why or how)
    • Leading (Egalitarian or Hierarchical
    • Deciding (Consensus or. Top Down)
    • Trust (Task-based or Relationship-based)
    • Disagreeing (Confrontational or Avoidant)
    • Scheduling (Flexible or Linear)
  • Is seeing person by culture stereotyping?
  • Talking to the person versus talking to the country they come from
  • The culture sets a range
  • We need to look at culture and personality
  • Crossing legs so people see the bottom of your shoe is a faux pas in Japan
  • Difference between cultural sensitivity and using culture as predictors
  • Stereotyping and prototyping
  • Assume you will do "stupid stuff" in new cultures and apologize in advance
  • Humility of saying "I don't really know."
  • Learning a few words in the language
  • One of the best ways to ingratiating yourself in a new culture is to be a bit self-deprecating in your own culture
  • What we think is "normal" in the new culture
  • The US being more task-based than European culture
  • Trust always start as task-based, then moves to relationship based once people finish the tasks
  • Task based is more controlling and has more cost
  • Differences in perception of "wasting time"
  • Making assumptions and using the book to check assumptions
  • Creating hypothesis about people and then test it, not using stereotypes as the ultimate truth
  • How historical context affects cultural communication
  • How religion affects culture
  • One-on-one meetings focus more on the person and really listen
  • Sandwich style feedback taught in the US
  • Downplaying negative feedback - "Maybe you should"
  • Not wanting to hurt people's feelings
  • When people tell you what you are doing well, and don't mention what you aren't doing well. 
  •  Creating mentor schemes
  • Peach cultures (soft on the outside, hard in the middle) versus Coconut cultures (hard on the outside, soft)
  • Different cultures within the same country
  • How are we stereotyping people and is that the best way of building relationship?
  • Intent versus impact when feedback - managing the gaps
  • Not hearing feedback and not being receptive to it (in denial)
  • Living and experiencing different cultures can help us be better humans, even within our own culture
  • Incorrect assumptions about our own cultures
  • Clarifying intentions
  • Traveling and being mindful of others cultures - being an ethnographer/anthropologist
  • Culture being a test bed of human differences and to be a better person
  • How much we believe that what we do is normal
  • Continually exposing ourselves to other cultures and not get entrenched

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