The Leader Learner Podcast

S02E16 The Get a Move On Episode

April 17, 2023 Theresa Destrebecq & Vincent Musolino Season 2 Episode 16
The Leader Learner Podcast
S02E16 The Get a Move On Episode
Show Notes

Check-In Question:

  • What do you look back and think, "I would never do that again?"

Big Ideas:

  • We do our best thinking when are up and moving around
  • Gestures help us think through ideas 
  • "We use our brains entirely too much."
  • Do we use our brains, or does our brain use us?
  • Most of our best ideas come when not trying to think through something
  • Thinking harder is counter-productive
  • Protestant thinking is against fun and all about hard work
  • Not wrestle with ideas, but play with them
  • What is professional?
  • Definitions of seriousness that drive our learning
  • Rise of ADHD in the US and the increase in seat time in schools
  • 20 minutes in nature was better for ADHD students than the medications
  • More productive after micro-breaks
  • Think will think better after a break, but think better because of the break
  • Don't separate our movement from our work - invite movement into your day
  • Walking meetings
  • More accurate when walking while thinking (Radiologist study)
  • Nietzsche had the best ideas while walking
  • Mobile intelligence
  • Not separate the mind from the body
  • Level of conversation is elevated when we are elevated
  • Afraid of chaos - children were "little savages"
  • Play time versus work time
  • "The opposite of play isn't work, the opposite of play is depression." ~Stuart Brown
  • Emotional regulation being improved when spend time outside
  • Importance of natural light to working
  • The privilege of having access to green spaces
  • Bringing nature into built spaces to support productivity
  • Awe - the word and the sound
  • We are not too different from our environment
  • Leaders creating space for movement (modeling)


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