The Leader Learner Podcast

S03E01: The Power to Be Episode

September 13, 2023 Theresa Destrebecq & Vincent Musolino Season 3 Episode 1
The Leader Learner Podcast
S03E01: The Power to Be Episode
Show Notes


  • What's better, love or money? Which has more power, love or money? What's more powerful, love or money? 

Big Ideas:

  • Money as a substitution for time
  • Infatuation can be a very powerful motivator. 
  • Differentiation between moments of happiness and love
  • Putting love into leadership 
  • People going back to work just to see the people
  • Power and the complexity of human relationships 
  • Power has a negative connotation
  • Having power is a privilege
  • Your relationship to power can hold you back, especially if you think of it as negative
  • Power over, power to, power with (Brené Brown)
  • When power is used to "control you" may give you a negative view of power
  • 4 Elements of Power as per Ted Jenkins
    • Power of position
    • Power of expertise
    • Power of connections
    • Power of personal authority
  • 6 Elements of Power as per French and Raven (1960's source)
    • Formal Power
    • Power of Consequence (power of sanction and reward)
    • The other 4 are the same as above
  • Women use their power of expertise almost to a fault
  • Extroversion and Introversion are not scientifically backed
  • Power of position/legitimacy is given - we agree to give others that power
  • Can one have power of position without any of the other powers?
  • Is "authority" the right word? Confusion of power and authority
  • Is authority, really about charisma?
  • Personal authority and the relationship with trust
  • Information brokers - knowledge power
  • Information is not the same as expertise
  • Connection between money and power
  • Politicians starting with personal authority, which leads to connections, and then to position
  • What are we gaining by giving people power over us?
  • Power over you is like being in a prison
  • Grow our own sense of power, and continue to have choice
  • Societal and group power
  • Systems changing from outside, not from inside
  • Is power of personal authority, connection, and expertise enough when the power of position is so strong? 


  • Anxious People, by Fredrik Backman
  • Love as a Business Strategy, by Frank E. Danna and Mohammad F. Anwar
  • The Work Lab, by Microsoft
  • How Women Rise, by Sally Helgeson and Marshall Rosenberg
  • Rising Together, by Sally Helgesen

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