The Leader Learner Podcast

S03E02 Harnessing Curiosity and Purpose

September 27, 2023 Theresa Destrebecq & Vincent Musolino Season 3 Episode 2
The Leader Learner Podcast
S03E02 Harnessing Curiosity and Purpose
Show Notes

SPECIAL NOTE: This podcast was originally recorded as part of the "Talent Unleashed" podcast, which never launched because Theresa was too optimistic about her time capabilities. We decided to honor the guest(s) and publish it under this brand instead.

Enjoy :)

Big Ideas:

  • What does it mean to unleash talent? 
  • When learning spreads out across multiple areas of your life
  • Mix of theoretical and practical aspects of learning - using the learning
  • Intrinsic motivation and curiosity
  • How do organizations support curiosity individually, and across an organization?
  • Learning offered versus learning people want
  • Just in time learning
  • Encourage curiosity, but don't provide the infrastructure to harness it
  • Gig Learning - short term assignments to allow people to learn in different aspects of the organizations
  • Intersection of harnessing curiosity and unleashing talent
  • Change the narrative around talent - talk about individuals rather than about resources
  • Holistic thinking - not about moving people on a chess board
  • How best delivering to all people in the organization to satisfy their curiosity?
  • Linking people to their own personal purpose within the organization, not just the organization's purpose
  • If want to unleash talent, have to be curious about talent
  • Unleashing talent isn't just about promotions
  • Squiggly careers 
  • Everybody's 100% looks different
  • What structures need to be in place to help manager unleash talent on their teams?
  • When people are promoted to managers, but don't want to be a manager
  • Understanding that the people you manage are who deliver to the client 
  • Managers don't necessarily have the capacity or resources to manage well
  • Getting to know the individuals well enough that you know what inspires them, what demotivates them
  • What makes a poor manager poor? (Micro-management, Magpies, Chasing their own agenda, etc.) 
  • Rise in managers who care about individuals 
  • Poor management isn't address - people quietly quit or change teams 
  • What's your purpose as a manager?
  • Connection between purpose and unleashing talent 
  • Breaking down silos in the organization, so people can see where their purpose can be realized, if it isn't already
  • Understand ourselves and our own limitations in order to unleash others talent

With over 25 years experience in the learning and development industry. In that time he has facilitated internationally and covered a wide number of subjects from driver training on forklift trucks to facilitating senior leaders to flourish through change.

He is currently a senior consultant and SME in the People Development and Effectiveness Centre of Expertise for Kantar (the world’s leading data, insights and consulting company).

In his many previous lives he trained as a horticulturist, spent years as a night club and mobile DJ, built a career in retail manager, was a charity and corporate event MC and compère, and is a trained hypnotherapist.

He lives in Leamington Spa in the UK with his wife. He has 2 children, is a ‘born-again’ gardener, has recently started writing poetry, still DJs occasionally, loves reading and wants to be an archaeologist when he retires!

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