The Leader Learner Podcast

S03E06 The Mental Health Responsibility Episode

November 29, 2023 Theresa Destrebecq & Vincent Musolino
The Leader Learner Podcast
S03E06 The Mental Health Responsibility Episode
Show Notes


  • If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?

Big Ideas:

  • Should organizations provide resources for employee mental health?
  • Mental health is still a taboo topic for many, especially in organizations
  • Not educated about topics of mental health
  • Shame associated with an EAP program
  • Culture of "suck it up," "be strong," and "pull up your bootstraps."
  • Perception of being weak - the stigma of mental health issues
  • Is there a right way to support people around mental health?
  • Community-based program to support employee mental health - feeling not alone by sharing with others
  • Trust advisors in Switzerland - listen and provide options, not therapy or coaching
  • Complexity of situations
  • Neurodivergent employees and mental health - are they in the same box?
  • Leaving your personal life at the door doesn't work
  • Compartmentalizing our lives doesn't work
  • We are meant to be in community with others - we are not autonomous beings
  • Is community more important than the product?
  • Sitting with our emotions, rather than trying to push past them
  • Personal responsibility - where am I participating?
  • Yoga, nap rooms, etc support the symptoms, but not the cause
  • Provide the relationship space for people
  • Continuity of support - more than just a couple of days off
  • People who can step off the work highway, and others who cannot
  • Pressure on employees can't be fixed with nap pods
  • The CEO who was fired for providing more for his employees, but not focusing enough on profit
  • Not about finding fault
  • Mental health is not linear
  • YES/AND - both individual and organizational responsibility

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