The Leader Learner Podcast

S03E09 The Kronos and Kairos Episode

January 31, 2024 Theresa Destrebecq & Vincent Musolino Season 3 Episode 9
The Leader Learner Podcast
S03E09 The Kronos and Kairos Episode
Show Notes


  • In your opinion, when is innovation overused?

Big Ideas:

  • Binary questions - Are they useful or not? 
  • Are creating and innovating the same?
  • Moving from being salaried to hourly and the implications/impact it had
  • Feeling of liberation being hourly rather than salaried
  • Sense of equity - treating all of us the same
  • Mental load and how it's often not counted in salaries
  • Sense of autonomy in deciding to work or not
  • Working to deserve the salary
  • Space for thinking/reflecting separate from doing
  • What's your relationship to decision-making? 
  • Working less as one of the goals
  • Stepping back to reflect on the decision and knowing the criteria of success
  • Failpoint brainstorming
  • Sunk Cost Bias
  • Is salary associated with time spent in a corporate setting? 
  • Are we creating space for psychological detachment from work?
  • Companies taking time of employment engagement
  • Is a salary enough of a reward for engagement? 
  • Can we pay someone based on meeting metrics?
  • Quality versus quantity of work
  • Can companies do what entrepreneurs do in terms of paying employees?
  • Parkinson's Law -- the task will expand to fit the time given
  • Playing with time to get you motivated 
  • Honoring where people are in their lives, and adjusting their expected time at work to their stage in life
  • Kronos time (the passing of time)  versus Kairos time (the quality of time)
  • Universal income - untying productivity with your value in society
  • Could we live in a world where people do what they love with love
  • Depression and it's connection to purpose and meaning
  • The attention economy and how it draws people in
  • Moral decision about what we produce and whether it's worthy
  • Inequity in salaries
  • Time I spent at work doesn't matter  - what, how, and why matters more 
  • Quality of time versus quantity of time


  • Taking Smart Risks - Doug Sundheim

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