The Leader Learner Podcast

S03E12 The Intentional Flexibility Episode (with Lisa Davidian)

March 14, 2024 Theresa Destrebecq & Vincent Musolino Season 3 Episode 12
The Leader Learner Podcast
S03E12 The Intentional Flexibility Episode (with Lisa Davidian)
Show Notes


  • Do think the best time of your life is in the past, present, or future

Big Ideas:

  • flexibility in work schedules - what do we need to do so
  • the equipment that supports remote working
  • shifting mindsets around traditional ways of working
  • shifting schedules to accommodate global clients
  • sense of freedom in being able to shift your schedule
  • flexing people's pay to allow for flexible schedules
  • Be present, be equipped, be allowed
  • Compressed work week - had to create the model
  • Keeping people engaged after 30+ years in the corporate world
  • Empowering people to have balance and to grow in new ways
  • Employees feel energized and motivated when they have a larger fulfilled
  • Need for new working models to offer employees 
  • Younger generation doesn't want the traditional 9-5, 5 days a week
  • Covid has shifted us into new ways of thinking about how we work and where we work
  • Can flexibility work for manufacturing, and other hands-on type of work?
  • Hesitation to allow flexible schedules
  • Creation can happen NOT sitting in front of the computer
  • Companies are losing good people if they don't offer flexibility
  • Using co-working spaces for networking and shifting perspectives and interacting across-organizations
  • How do I lead remotely?  
  • How can we support leaders to build trusting teams remotely? 
  • How to facilitate meetings remotely so that people can feel that connection?
  • The small moments of trust building,, in person, can't be as easily transferred to online spaces.
  • Making connection the primary intention of all gatherings
  • Intention, Execution, Results - Observe what is happening in your meetings
  • Focus on how people want to feel at the end of a session - the doing happens as a result of the feeling (fulfilled, energized, inspired, motivated, engaged, supported, etc...)
  • Making sure that everyone has a voice in whatever way that voice wants to be heard
  • Not micro-managing people's time and checking their online status when working remotely
  • When people speak in the first 5 minutes of the call, they end up speaking more throughout the meeting
  • The relationship between trust and empowerment
  • What's preventing leaders from trusting their employees?
  • We want engaged employees, but we don't create engagement in the meetings
  • Meeting etiquette and expectations -- different practices across organizations, regions, countries
  • Less moments to sync outside of meetings when we are remote - more presence needed in online meetings
  • What kind of leader does your company need you to be?
  • In our fast-paced world, are we giving space for people to BE
  • Messaging around productivity and efficiency and how it impacts people 
  • Separating your ego from your leadership
  • Self-reflection as the key to good leadership

Resources Mentioned:

  • The Extended Mind, by Annie Murphy Paul

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