Episode 1 Part 1: The Value of Music (Arian Pearson)

November 22, 2021 Music Season 1 Episode 1
Episode 1 Part 1: The Value of Music (Arian Pearson)
Show Notes

Music and dance are at the heart of many significant cultural events and often represent and affirm distinct cultural identities. In Part 1 of our first episode we discuss the value of music and dance in diverse cultural contexts and reflect on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on musical expression in various cultural contexts. We chat to Arian Pearson, Yolngu musician, producer and Head Sound Engineer with Mulka Music, about his passion for community music projects and development as well as some of the exciting activities going on in East Arnhem Land.  

“I truly believe that music is a part of development for every human being growing up” Arian Pearson, Yolngu musician and producer

Links to resources

·      ‘The Value of Ethnographic Research on Music’, guest edited by Georgia Curran and Mahesh White-Radhakrishnan – 

·      ‘Voices of the Rainforest: A Day in the Life of the Bosavi’, produced by Steven Feld and Dennis Leonard ­– 

·      East Arnhem Live concert series – 

·      Djatpangarri by Yirrnga Yunupingu (produced by Arian Pearson) – 

·      Märi Wurrapa, by Dhapanbal Yunupingu (produced by Arian Pearson) -

·      Dhapanbal Yunupingu - 

·      The Mulka Project –  (above photo of Arian Pearson from this website)

·      East Journey – 

·      ‘Reflections and Voices: Exploring the Music of Yothu Yindi’ with Mandawuy Yunupingu, by Aaron Corn – 

·      The National Recording Project – 

·      Australian Anthropology Society (AAS) 2021 conference (24 Nov-1 Dec 2021) – 

Note regarding AAS conference: Panel on 'Continuity and change in performance' hosted by Dr. Georgia Curran (she/her) and Dr. Mahesh White-Radhakrishnan (they/them) on 30 Nov 2021. Panel access requires registration with payment (see website for details). Plenary sessions (on 24, 25 and 26 Nov) featuring First Nations scholars are open access to First Nations peoples. For details on how to register, please email the plenary convenor Dr Gretchen Stolte (Nez Perce, she/her) directly for further information on how to access them (gretchen.stolte(AT)

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