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Wendy Petties: How to date your money

February 16, 2022 Rosanna Gill Season 1 Episode 11
Her Path to Purpose
Wendy Petties: How to date your money
Show Notes

Wendy Petties, The Date Your Money Coach, knows that the key to having everything you desire is to create a healthy and intimate relationship - with your money - one where you feel clear, confident and competent. She believes that the more you tune into pleasure the easier it is to increase your money.

After filing bankruptcy she used her signature method, The Sexy Money Lifestyle, which highlights her skills as an MBA, Psychologist, and a Sex Educator to grow her net worth to well over 1.3 million dollars. She now gets to empower women entrepreneurs to improve their mindset, create habits and build skills to be able to afford whatever they desire. She has been featured in Essence Magazine, Fast Company, Sisters From AARP, NBC LX, and O.School to name a few.

In this episode, Wendy talks about her journey, how women play poor, what pleasure has to do with your money mindset, and even the power of the blow job (yes, you read that right).

You can learn more about Wendy's workshops here and you can connect with her on Instagram @thedateyourmoneycoach and Facebook @thedateyourmoneycoach. You can also join her free Facebook group here.

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