Her Path to Purpose

How to go from a hobby to a business

June 29, 2022 Rosanna Gill
Her Path to Purpose
How to go from a hobby to a business
Show Notes

How do you go from being a vet tech to starting a cake decorating? Somewhat by chance and then by choice as it allowed Danielle to create and build a business around spending time with her kids.

Danielle didn't start cake decorating because she felt it was her purpose or even because it's what she'd always dreamed of doing. But opportunities flowed and she was able to create a business around something she enjoyed that allowed her to prioritize her family and for her, that was enough reason to go all in.

This is an important conversation because it shows just how many roads there are to purpose and that it is rarely a straight line. Your path to purpose can wind along the things that matter to you at various points in your life and it can turn when you want or need it to.

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