Her Path to Purpose

Nicole Barham: From Bankruptcy to Beach Money

August 23, 2022 Rosanna Gill Season 1 Episode 20
Her Path to Purpose
Nicole Barham: From Bankruptcy to Beach Money
Show Notes

Nicole Barham has loved numbers since she was a child. But fast forward a couple of decades when she realized she didn't want to be the one thing she thought she would want to be given that love of numbers: an accountant. And so began a journey of  self-development and entrepreneurship. which led to where she is now, the creator of a digital product that helps business owners know their numbers through and through AND has generated beach money to the tune of $400,000 in two years.

In this conversation, Nicole shares the ups and downs of her journey, from the decision to take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship to the lack of worthiness she's had to work through to the why that makes her cry.

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