Her Path to Purpose

Deana Jean: Cultivating Intentional Excellence

September 21, 2022 Rosanna Gill Season 1 Episode 22
Her Path to Purpose
Deana Jean: Cultivating Intentional Excellence
Show Notes

This conversation with business strategist and speaker Deana Jean is chock FULL of wisdom, advice and tips on tapping into your gifts and talents. Deana is a self-professed recovering sales leader who shattered glass ceilings in the corporate world, battled and beat cancer WHILE PREGNANT, all before deciding to use her strategy mind to help powerhouse women build brands and businesses that serve others AND themselves. In this episode you'll learn:

-why you need to be clear on your gift

-the fallacy of the mentality the more output you give, the more you make

-how Deana knows whether someone’s an ideal client or not before they ever purchase anything from her

-the power of getting into rooms that scare you

-the life crisis that ended up being the impetus for Deana to launch her business

-the importance of asking how things are happening FOR you rather than TO you

-why you should NEVER despise your small beginnings

-how going down a different path than you planned can be an accelerator to your goals

-how to know it’s time to shift your circle

And so much more.

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