Her Path to Purpose

Natalie Bullen: Becoming Unapologetically Wealthy

October 19, 2022 Rosanna Gill
Her Path to Purpose
Natalie Bullen: Becoming Unapologetically Wealthy
Show Notes

Natalie Bullen isn't for everyone. She acknowledges and embraces that. And doing so, unapologetically, is why she charges clients that ARE for her $10,000 and $25,000. 

This episode is a look behind the curtain of a woman who was tired of living a lie, getting paid $51,000 a year but knowing she had the skillset and knowledge to become a millionaire. 

Be prepared to laugh out loud (Natalie's humor is infectious) and get called out. Natalie shares:

  • the myth of the overnight success
  • why being an expert doesn't equate to having a business
  • how college never did for Natalie what she thought it would
  • how to write a new story for yourself
  • the impact of allowing yourself to stay in environments and with people that shoot you down
  • the power of entrepreneurship for black women
  • the necessity of pay transparency
  • how to get people to WANT to pay you
  • the psychology behind discounting your services
  • how the fear of abandonment crept up in Natalie's business
  • the necessity for therapy for entrepreneurs
  • Natalie's own blocks to charging $10,000
  • and so much freaking more

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