Her Path to Purpose

Healing Emotional Eating for Trauma Survivors: A Conversation with Diane Petrella

January 18, 2024 Rosanna Gill
Her Path to Purpose
Healing Emotional Eating for Trauma Survivors: A Conversation with Diane Petrella
Show Notes

In this episode, holistic psychotherapist Diane Petrella discusses her book, 'Healing Emotional Eating for Trauma Survivors', emphasizing the importance of understanding the connection between trauma and emotional eating. Diane shares her personal journey into social work, spurred by a devastating childhood trauma, and the processes underlying her therapeutic techniques. She provides helpful insights into dealing with emotional eating, suggesting strategies such as developing a meditation practice and enhancing inner wisdom. Diane reinforces the idea that healing is not about eradicating emotional eating, but gaining self-compassion, understanding, and coping mechanisms to navigate triggers.

Get Diane's book 'Healing Emotional Eating for Trauma Survivors' here
Get Diane's 5 trauma-informed tips to heal emotional eating here
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00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation
00:50 Personal Journey and Career Path
01:20 Experiences with Trauma and Healing
07:30 Understanding Emotional Eating and Trauma
09:49 Transition to Working with Adults
11:02 The Importance of Self-Compassion and Acceptance
16:27 Working with Sexual Offenders
35:45 Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Children
36:19 The Struggles of Disclosing Abuse
36:58 The Importance of Speaking Out and Self-Expression
37:26 The Role of Confidence in Disclosure
37:42 The Impact of Family Dynamics on Disclosure
37:50 The Consequences of Suppressing Emotions
39:30 Understanding Emotional Eating
46:06 The Power of Meditation and Inner Wisdom
48:55 The Sacred Shawl Practice
52:55 The Journey of Healing and Self-Compassion
56:21 The Importance of Self-Knowledge and Intuition
01:02:06 The Role of Therapy in Healing
01:05:43 The Power of Emotional Surgery
01:09:29 The Impact of Emotional Eating on Life
01:10:19 The Importance of Self-Care and Mindfulness
01:11:02 Conclusion: The Path to Healing