Changing Conversations

Sheila Heen – Thanks for the feedback

November 01, 2022 Implement Consulting Group Season 1 Episode 10
Changing Conversations
Sheila Heen – Thanks for the feedback
Show Notes

Sheila Heen is the founder of Triad Consulting Group, a lecturer on law at Harvard Law School and Co-Author of “Thanks for the Feedback” and “Difficult Conversations”. She is consulting with companies ranging from Pixar, Hugo Boss to the NBA around difficult conversations, negotiation and sound decision-making. We have invited Sheila Heen to talk about the conversations around feedback and specifically how we can each be better feedback receivers.  


The key topics covered in this episode are: 

  • How do we move away from being dismissive in the way we receive feedback to genuinely being grateful and appreciating the feedback 
  • Feedback as a learning and leadership skill 
  • The three types of triggered feedback reactions: Truth triggers, relationship triggers and identity triggers 
  • Asking for the feedback you want 
  • Enabling feedback in your organisation 

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