The Video Creatr Podcast

He Travels the World and has over 39 Million Views with World Nomac

October 03, 2022 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Season 1 Episode 61
The Video Creatr Podcast
He Travels the World and has over 39 Million Views with World Nomac
Show Notes

Content creators have attracted attention from different fields with the Internet. Most creators share what they love and their interests by vlogging and posting their videos on YouTube and other social media platforms. Travel vlogs are one of the niches that attracted most viewers because it’s an easy way to connect with other people from different countries and cultures. 

Mac Candee is a travel video creator and the man behind the YouTube channel, World Nomac. Mac is passionate about capturing the moments and sharing his experiences in traveling the world. Mac’s channel motto: Changing perceptions of the world 🌍 one country at a time.

In today’s podcast, Grant and Mac Candee share Mac’s journey behind his YouTube channel and how he was able to touch and inspire lives. 

Mac Candee's YouTube channel, World Nomac started in the year 2012 and has accrued over 340K subscribers with more than 39 million total views. 

Check out the Episode Highlights

01:16     How Mac started his Youtube channel
04:23     How the Pandemic affected Mac’s career
10:00     Be flexible in creating your content
13:03     How algorithm works when it comes to monetization
16:06     The challenge of being a travel vlogger
19:01     How Mac fell in love in the country of Lebanon
21:14     How raw vlogs work in Mac’s content
24:59     Strategies in monetizing your content  
34:13     Creating videos in just one take
40:27     How Mac’s life changed before and being a travel vlogger    
43:31     The freedom of being your own boss comes at a price
47:14     Mac Candee’s revenue streams 
57:33     The importance of having multiple streams of income in business
1:01:53  The key to efficiency is to build systems

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