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How Real Estate Tips Make Him 6 Figures with ThisisJohnWilliams

December 05, 2022 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Season 1 Episode 79
The Video Creatr Podcast
How Real Estate Tips Make Him 6 Figures with ThisisJohnWilliams
Show Notes

If you are looking to invest your money, one of the options is to go with Real Estate. Real estate is real property that consists of land and improvements, which include buildings, fixtures, roads, structures, and utility systems.

In today’s podcast, Grant is with John Williams, the creator behind ThisisJohnWilliams YouTube channel. Aside from being a YouTuber, John Williams is also an Entrepreneur and Investor. He provides tips and mentors people who wish to invest in Real Estate. John Williams also owns a company name Cash Now.

John Williams’s YouTube channel, ThisisJohnWilliams started in 2012 and has over 160K subscribers with more than 21 million total views. 

Check out the Episode Highlights
01:32     How John Williams come up with his topics
05:23     How John Williams started in Real Estate
08:53     How it felt when John started making big money
12:31     John Williams audience in social media platforms
15:03     John Williams’ company Cash Now 
16:23     John’s monetization avenues and source of revenue
20:11     How does the pandemic play a role in his channel
22:45     John’s advice in making courses
27:13     The CPM that John uses in making his videos
29:28     Authenticity is the key to becoming an influencer
32:25     Podcast as a way to connect with people
38:51     How the crisis in the East affected the economy
41:35     The difference between manager and employee
43:48     Work from home is a good thing for companies

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