The Video Creatr Podcast

How To Avoid YouTube Burnout

December 09, 2022 Season 1 Episode 80
The Video Creatr Podcast
How To Avoid YouTube Burnout
Show Notes

Knowing how to handle burnout in the hybrid world of YouTube is essential. Feeling tired of doing the same thing and being filled up with pressure could be the source of your burnout. To have a smooth-running business on YouTube, you need to get things under control and create content that would make you and your community happy. Identifying and understanding factors that can trigger burnout enables you to adopt strategies to manage it.

In today’s episode, Grant and Augie talk about burnout and how it affects the life of YouTubers. They share tips on dealing with burnout and having a healthy mindset to focus on growing and monetizing your business on YouTube. 

Check out the Episode Highlights
01:05   First, listen to your body
04:57   Take on a fun side project
09:25   Rethink your workstation
13:07   Get help before you quit
16:04   Take a step back to things burning you out
22:45   Burnout is a sign that our priorities have shifted
25:58   It’s not going to come easy, but you have to be patient
28:07   How to get traction on your YouTube channel
33:35   How YouTube Automation works
36:16   How do you say “No” when you want to say “Yes”
39:20   Time blocking and creating a backlog 
42:20   List video topics in the spreadsheet
43:22   Limit your time on social media

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