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How Backflips Made Him Famous with Aaron Honer

December 12, 2022 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Season 1 Episode 81
The Video Creatr Podcast
How Backflips Made Him Famous with Aaron Honer
Show Notes

YouTube is not just a great source of entertainment but also a breakthrough in the way you can share your expertise and experiences and then monetize them.  You don’t need high specs camera in starting your YouTube channel as long as you’re presenting videos that influence and educate your audience. 

In today’s podcast, Grant is with Aaron Honer, the co-creator of the YouTube channel How Tos By Bros. The How-Tos By Bros channel was started by the brothers Aaron Honer and Evan Honer. Aaron and Evan are flipping, free-running, learning enthusiasts and teaching the world how to do things by bros. Aaron also shares the Gospel and motivational videos on his YouTube channel.

The How-Tos By Bros YouTube channel started in 2018 and has over 250K subscribers with almost 80 million total views. 

Check out the Episode Highlights

01:01      How Aaron got his YouTube channel off the ground
03:33      Aaron’s transition from fitness videos to motivational videos
09:49      Aaron’s experience with YouTube Shorts
15:47      How the dynamic evolved between Aaron and his brother
18:08      How Aaron monetizes his YouTube channel
20:07      How Aaron deal with comments and criticisms   
24:56      The reason why Aaron doesn’t post the same stuff on TikTok 
26:56      Aaron’s advice for growing the YouTube channel
32:10      Don’t care what other people think
35:43      What’s next for HowTosByBros' channel

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