The Video Creatr Podcast

How To Get Started On YouTube Using Best Practices

December 16, 2022 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Season 1 Episode 82
The Video Creatr Podcast
How To Get Started On YouTube Using Best Practices
Show Notes

Before you think of a video to upload, you must learn the best practices for starting your channel. As a creator, you need to know these certain essential points and utilize them. 

In today’s podcast, Grant and Augie will share their best practices for starting their channels. These A to Z guides will give you a clear direction on how to achieve your channel’s goal, encounter the possible challenges along the way, and create an action plan to keep your channel on track.  Stick around and identify what best practices work for you and apply them to your videos to improve your content. 

Check out the Episode Highlights

01:38     How to choose your niche
03:24     What’s the purpose of your channel
06:08     Don’t be super comfortable in front of the camera
09:05     Don’t overcomplicate your channel’s art
16:25     How to make a talking head video with B roll
19:36     Advice in outlining and scripting your first video
23:14     How to use a teleprompter for videos
29:18     Get the right lighting for your video 
31:48     Choose a good camera or  phone to record your video
41:40     Optimize your video with thumbnails, titles, and keywords
46:40     Put other YouTube video links to your description
49:57     Post on Reddit about your channel
51:28     Include your YouTube link everywhere

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