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How She Turned Lifestyle Vlogs Into 20 Million Views with Tolulope Solutions

December 19, 2022 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Season 1 Episode 83
The Video Creatr Podcast
How She Turned Lifestyle Vlogs Into 20 Million Views with Tolulope Solutions
Show Notes

As a YouTube creator, choose the niche you are most comfortable with, and then you’ll find you have much more to say.  You will be more passionate and interested in your topic and able to inspire your audience to listen to you. You can develop something that will have a significant impact while being true to who you are. One example of this niche is sharing your lifestyle on YouTube.  

In today’s podcast, Grant is with Tolulope Adejumo, known as Solutions, the woman behind the YouTube channel Tolulope Solutions. Tolulope Solutions shares wholesome lifestyle content around Tolulope’s Christian faith, Marriage, and Motherhood. Tolulope also shares tips on how to be authentic by sharing big and little moments of her life thru YouTube and other social media platforms. 

The Tolulope Solutions YouTube channel started in 2017 and has over 116K subscribers with more than 21 million views. Let’s find out how Tolulope has become a wholesome content creator on social media platforms to profit as a lifestyle brand influencer.

Check out the Episode Highlights
01:35      The mindset behind starting the Tolulope Solutions channel
04:59      How Tolulope keeps the balance in her space
08:28      Tolulope’s experience in hiring her own editor
11:08      How YouTube has changed over the past seven years of Tolulope’s life
16:01      The flexibility of YouTube and being your own boss
20:36      Tolulope’s process in acquiring brand deals 
25:13      Authenticity is the most sustainable way to run a channel
27:47      What keeps people coming back to Tolulope’s videos
33:49      How Tolulope deals with negative comments in her channel
39:43      Tolulope’s experience with Shorts 
47:17      Tolulope’s golden rule in succeeding on YouTube and other platforms

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