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How To Gain 254 Million Views In 30 Days

January 09, 2023 Episode 84
The Video Creatr Podcast
How To Gain 254 Million Views In 30 Days
Show Notes

Have you heard of the Cinnamon Challenge? Or the Ghost Pepper Challenge? Or even the Exploding Melon Challenge? These are the Challenge videos that are as old as YouTube itself that eventually became viral because many creators would do them. Are these challenge videos so important that you need to do at least one as a creator?

In this episode, Augie and Grant again discuss one viral challenge from Ryan Trahan that gained more than 250 million views, the 30-day Penny Challenge. The two looks into the psychology of challenge videos to see if they help with retention and views. Augie and Grant also talk about why these videos proved to be satisfying and inspiring at the same time. Listen to learn more!

Show Highlights

1:30 Grant tries the Cinnamon Challenge
2:00 Wolfieraps
3:25 Why challenges work so well with growing a YouTube channel
5:28 No Coffee challenge
9:27 How to make the perfect intro with B-rolls
12:06 History of Ryan Trahan's YouTube Channel
20:51 Video game challenges
23:00 Making an interesting challenge for your own channel
26:16 Creating challenges with good topics
30:02 Thumbnail design tips

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