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How To Make 6 Figures from Coding Tutorials with James Quick

January 13, 2023 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Season 1 Episode 85
The Video Creatr Podcast
How To Make 6 Figures from Coding Tutorials with James Quick
Show Notes

YouTube has become one of the popular video sites to host video tutorials. One of these video tutorials is learning about web development. James Quick, the man behind the YouTube channel, James Q Quick. James is a developer, speaker, and teacher. James publishes weekly videos about the latest and greatest in web development. 

In today’s podcast, James Quick shares his YouTube success story and how he's building his online presence. James also offers online courses and even has a podcast for his students.  

The James Q Quick YouTube channel started in 2011 and has over 174K subscribers with more than 12 million views. Let’s find out how James' perspectives have changed his life and given him opportunities. 

Check out the Episode Highlights
01:50     How did James get started with coding 
04:44     Things that get people’s attention to watch James' videos
08:10     How James markets his courses
15:02     James foundation in editing videos
22:11     James' backstory before YouTube
25:41     James transition to web developer
30:50     How James come up with video topics
35:51     James' practices as a content creator
38:16     James' experience with YouTube Shorts
40:49     James’ TikTok contents are more comedic and creative than YouTube
42:40     How YouTube changed James' life
4753      James’ advice for succeeding in YouTube

Links/ Resources Mentioned
Follow James Q Quick's Instagram
Check James Q Quick's Website
Explorer James Q Quick's Twitter
Learn more about James Q Quick's Courses
James Q Quick's YouTube channel

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