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How To Use Trends To Trigger The YouTube Algorithm

January 23, 2023 Augie Johnston & Grant Ball Episode 88
The Video Creatr Podcast
How To Use Trends To Trigger The YouTube Algorithm
Show Notes

Trends on the internet present an opportunity for creators to grow not only their YouTube channels but their brands as well. Van life? Cool. Cinnamon challenge? Maybe. Trends like these have been used by creators like Mr. Beast, a trendsetter himself, and achieved huge success. From silly challenges to K-pop, and from one takes to jump cuts, how do you use these trends to break the YouTube algorithm? 

In this episode, YouTube veterans, Augie and Grant, dissect and categorize the different kinds of Trends on the internet. Listen in as they also talk about the trends that once were so popular and the ones that broke the YouTube algorithm and became a staple. Listen to learn more!

Episode Highlights

(2:09) Trend as a collective consciousness
(3:28) Using Twitter as a source for current trends
(5:35) Getting ideas for seasonal contents
(8:17) Identifying industry-specific trends 
(12:10) Using trends to grow a YouTube channel
(16:30) How almost everybody used COVID-19 as content
(21:05) Properly incorporating Pop culture trends into your niche
(23:50) YouTube poop
(25:00) Video editing trends on YouTube
(28:40) How people are using the Thumbnail Trends
(31:15) Overdoing picture quality sharpness
(35:50) Micro trends that stuck
(39:00) Predictions on future trends

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