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From Homeless to Storage Auction Genius - Storage Auction Pirate

February 03, 2023 Episode 91
The Video Creatr Podcast
From Homeless to Storage Auction Genius - Storage Auction Pirate
Show Notes

Storage is an extra space to keep stuff on but once it's abandoned, it's time for the auction. Buying storage units and selling what’s inside for profit could be a challenging business. If you’re wondering how this process goes, we have Storage Auction Pirate to share us exactly that!  

In today’s episode, the Michael De Haas aka Storage Auction Pirate shares how he got into the business of storage auctions and how he created content about it. He tells us about how auctioning transformed his life from homeless to a successful content creator. Michael also talks about the importance of having more than one revenue avenue and making use of different social media platforms as well such as Facebook among others. 

The Storage Auction Pirate has 225k subscribers at the time of publishing and growing. Michael’s very first video was way back in 2010 and since then, he’s been sharing the story of the storage units he acquires. 

Episode Highlights

01:59   How he moved up from being a furniture mover to a storage auction pirate
03:54    The things he learned in order to produce videos that sells
05:54    How he chooses the storage that he wants to film
12:33    Why buying storage units can be compared with gambling
15:47   The challenges he faced while he was homeless
28:10    How Facebook Marketplace became his majority income source
38:09    Why keeping it authentic can be tricky for advertising opportunities
42:50    Sharing his insane jackpots in the storage auction business

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